Pole Top Extension

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Whether you need to save an existing pole from rot or simply extend the length and lifespan of a pole, The Brooks Pole Top Extension saves you both time and money. Available in 5, 6, or 7 foot lengths, each extension is sold pre-assembled, pre-drilled and ready to be installed. The extension comes in a 5.75” x 5.75” size.

The FCC has mandated that the top of poles be made available for wireless carriers to attach cell phone antennas. The Brooks Pole Top Extension eliminates the need to replace poles in order to meet the requirement. The new extension can be used to mount telecom equipment without incurring major pole replacement costs. 

Every Brooks Pole Top Extension bracket is constructed of 3 interlocking, multipoint connections. The bracket is then hot dipped galvanized to meet ASTM 136 Steel Galvanization requirements. The actual wood extension is a Brooks Manufacturing treated crossarm and meets ANSI 05.3 Specifications. 

Built to last, and stronger than the elements that get thrown at it, Brooks pole top extension saves you money and time. Additionally, it has been mechanically strength tested by an independent laboratory; contact us for test results and more specific information.

 720-66-5    5-3/4" X 5-3/4" X 5'-0" Pole Top Extension
 720-66-6   5-3/4" X 5-3/4" X 6'-0" Pole Top Extension
 720-66-7   5-3/4" X 5-3/4" X 7'-0" Pole Top Extension  

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