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Quality Standards and Specifications

Brooks Manufacturing's continued success is the result of following stringent specifications in purchasing, grading, production, treating, and shipping. This attention to detail is your assurance that the finished product will fully meet your specified standards. 

BROOKS Douglas fir Crossarms and Transmission Framing meet the latest revisions of the applicable product quality standards and specifications shown below. Most of these reference additional standards for method and quality.


RUS (REA) Bulletin 1728H-701

Product standard for finished crossarms for the RUS Cooperatives. Unless otherwise directed, all material for RUS borrowers will be produced to this standard.


Product standard for solid sawn wood crossarms and braces. This standard replaces EEI TD-90, TD-91, TD-92, and TD-93. 


Product standard for structural glued laminated timber for utility structures. References AITC 117 and ANSI/AITC A190.1

Individual Utility Specifications

Brooks Manufacturing, upon request, will produce to any individual product specifications and standards.


The Wood Quality Control program administered by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association sets stringent production and treatment standards which must be met in order to sell WQC approved wood products. Brooks Manufacturing is an approved supplier under the NRECA-WQC program.

Independent Inspection

Independent Inspection is available upon request.


Standard for pressure treating solid sawn crossarms, by the American Wood Preservers Association.


Standard for pressure treating laminated crossarms, by the American Wood Preservers Association.

WCLIB Rule No.17

Sawmill standard for grading West Coast solid sawn timber. BROOKS purchases only the stock which meets this standard. Para. 169/169a (Transmission). Para. 170/170a (Distribution).