Brooks Machine Rated

At Brooks Manufacturing, we’re committed to producing the best products on the market. That’s why we’ve introduced the Brooks Machine Rated (BMR) standard. Before they leave our facility, every crossarm is subjected to a stress test of 50 percent of its ultimate strength, which more than simulates the typical working load of a distribution crossarm in the field. 

To ensure that every crossarm meets our high standards, we’ve incorporated this test into our manufacturing process. As it passes through our automated drilling process, each crossarm gets stamped with an electric load cell, pre-programmed to apply up to 1,900 pounds of stress.

By pre-stressing the crossarm, we’ve ensured the durability of the arm. It also helps us determine if there are any defects that aren’t visible in the product which may lead to breakage.

As the only wood crossarm manufacturer that performs this test, you can be assured that when you see the BMR stamp, you’re getting the quality of Brooks Manufacturing. In addition, every crossarm is warrantied for one year.

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