Say goodbye to Woodpecker damage.

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Brooks Manufacturing is proud to announce the arrival of BrooksWrapp™.  The power industry’s most simple and effective woodpecker prevention tool on the wood pole market. 

Designed to eliminate damage caused by woodpeckers, BrooksWrapp™ was developed out of a two part polyurea coating process. For some time, Brooks Manufacturing has been using this specialized coating to protect against woodpecker damage to distribution crossarms. Now with a simple all-inclusive kit, line crews can ensure that woodpeckers will not damage the pole itself. 

Produced in 4x8 sheets, the BrooksWrapp™ product is easy to cut, requires no special handling and installs on the pole in minutes. While it has been tested to withstand UV for 80 years, it passed UL® 94 Horizontal Burn Test, is self extinguishing, and will not become brittle over time. 

As for the recently deterred woodpeckers - while they may suffer hurt feelings, they will not be harmed in any way. The BrooksWrapp™ does not damage beaks or harm the woodpecker, it simply eliminates their ability to penetrate to the wood surface of the pole. 

Simple and fast to install, BrooksWrapp™ can be applied at the first sign of woodpecker damage, saving valuable time and thousands of dollars.

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